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Ruth's entrepreneurial spirit has taken her on a varied career path, primarily within the arts, community projects and social enterprise.  Her experience spans from roles at the BBC, Mamma Mia (the musical), JCC for London, Science UK Ltd (Damien Hirst) to setting up her own social enterprise ventures, Ride And Raise and The Art Room NW6.

Ruth wanted to create a fun, authentic and dynamic brand that brings people together with inclusivity at its core.  As a collector of Vogue magazines, Ruth has been a 'dedicated follower of fashion' since she was a child and loves the freedom of expression that fashion creates and enables.  Ruth is also an avid spinner (indoor cycling) and attributes her motivational drive to daily Peloton ride classes.

"Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much"

Helen Keller

fundraising and charities

Ruth has spent a lot of time over the years fundraising for a variety of charities and good causes.  There is always a 'raise' element to everything she turns her hand to and ROM is no exception.

A percentage of profits from the collection and all future Ride And Raise events will go to small charities (tbd) that focus on building community, mental health and the environment.

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